Sunday, December 13, 2009

This Blogger's Disclaimer

There have been some interesting developments in recent weeks regarding the FTC. (Federal Trade Commission)  While I seriously doubt what I do here has anything to do with their new ruling, I have an instinctual aversion to having to deal with the Federal Government.

I mind my business, they mind theirs and we're good. So here we go.

To the readers of this blog, I do not get paid for my articles, links, content or for any reviews I might post.

The links I have posted are there because I believe they are reliable sources of information and the creators have earned my respect. There's lots of crap on the internet and it's refreshing to have safe havens on which to rely. They don't pay me in any way. Should you discover they are not living up to expectations, tell me and I'll review.

If I post a book review, it's because I LOVED the book. I'll make note when the book was given to me. I'm so picky as to not be much of a reviewer. So if you see one; I'm impressed. Not paid.

I am an author of Romance. It is my genre' by choice. If you happen to buy one of my books as a result of reading this blog. Way Kewl! If not, well I enjoy having you here and we'll chat it up anyway.

My intent is to have an open dialog and encourage people to read. If someone, somewhere happens to make money as a result more power to them, they didn't pay me to promote them.

Okay, that's out of the way. I feel better, how about you? smile  So did I make it clear enough that I'm not getting paid? Royalties to my books aside, as I have no way to link them to the blog there!

I'm done being a brat now.  Carry on.



  2. What? You don't get paid? Sheesh, and here I was thinking all bloggers got paid under the table or something. No wait. I didn't pay you to put my link up there. Which was very nice of you, btw.

    I think the whole FTC thing is silly. Very few bloggers get paid to do blogs unless they work for corporate business. Let's just say, most bloggers I've known, do their blogs free of charge.

    To be fair, there are those reviewers that do get paid for reviewing any books or movies and writing about them. I'm not one of them. I do the occasional review. I either receive either and ARC, or the author will send one to me (and I don't review all books sent me), or I buy the book. But since you called this to my attention, I've also put up a disclaimer on my blog too.

    Good article and reference Sherilyn. :-)

  3. Thanks for stopping by Sia. I think it's rather silly too, but as I said I don't like dealing with the Federal Government. Anything to stave that off is a good thing. smile

  4. Whew! Nice to know you're not violating any government rulings or anything! LOL! I'm an old protester from way back. Power to the people and all that!

  5. Um, was there an article here? I'm still stuck on the "my nephew" picture...

  6. LOL Judi! Glad he's not my nephew, that way the drooling isn't so objectionable or creepy. ;o)

    Glad you cleared up the issue of your possible payment or nonpayment for reviews, links, etc.

    Aren't things getting sillier and sillier all the time. Like common sense has suddenly gone missing. Ah well, tempest in teapots intrigue people for a time.

    Great blog!

  7. LOL Judi! I still see him as a little boy, but clearly he's not.

    Thanks for stopping by ladies, I do appreciate it. Must spread the word.

  8. Maybe we should all demand to be paid for reviews. Yeah, that's the ticket. Then the govt. can feel validated in its attempt to overexert it's control. Of course, then we'd have to pay taxes on the earnings. So nevermind...